Writing retreats

Come write with us—in person.

The Center for Creative Writing offers annual writing retreats on multiple topics and genres for writers who seek an immersive on-site experience.


Center writing retreats are nurturing:

  • We connect you with a passionate teacher for expert guidance;
  • We help you build a tiny but mighty community of other writers; and
  • We offer private, luxury accommodations in beautiful, vacation-worthy places around the U.S.

Center writing retreats are accessible:

  • Our long-weekend intensive format provides an escape for even the most time-challenged writers, for whom a week or two away from jobs, families, and responsibilities is simply not feasible;
  • Our teachers work with retreat registrants to optimize sessions and content for their individual goals and projects, no matter their level of experience; and
  • We strive to choose locations that accommodate a range of special needs and requests, so your time spent writing is as comfortable as possible.

Center writing retreats are transformative:

  • You will be (re)energized in group sessions with people as dedicated to writing as you are and want to be;
  • You will remember why you write in productive solitary sessions; and
  • You will carry a renewed sense of wonder and inspiration home with you to fuel your creativity long after the retreat concludes.